Viva La Revolution

10 12 2010

I was so extremely excited to be able to go to this street art event. I have always been a fan of alternative expression and graffiti art and was so excited that I was able to attend this event for a class. When I first arrived I was shocked at how tiny the venue was. Once I paid my ticket fee and rounded the corner though I saw I was not correct in my thinking. I was greeted by a massive display of cardboard art and trash that almost touched the ceiling. It was overwhelming to say the least. I was startled when to my right I heard a funny almost drum like noise coming from what I thought was a trash can. I really loved this piece. It was a can full of everyday trash items but when u walked by it would start making noises and drum beats. It was so cool because some of the trash would even shake. It completely took me by surprise. I wandered around the event and was just more pleased with every turn. I really loved the pieces by obey artist. I have many obey shirts and have always respected his point of view and artistic voice and it was an honor to be able to see his work in real life. I also enjoyed a lot of the Banksy work. Being a fan of graffiti Banksy as well as Obey have been some of the most influential graffiti artists around. I have calendars of just obey’s artwork that hang in my bedroom. It was also really interesting to go into the interactive room and watch all the documentaries on each of the artists. Me and my friend sat in there for over an hour just looking at all the videos and even drawing our own graffiti that encouraged and was displayed in the room. I loved the artist that made the insane bike (pictured above) because it was just so cool and different. We left the exhibit feeling really lucky to have seen the art and headed to Hillcrest to see the beautiful obey graffiti piece. The pictures above do not even do that piece justice.  I loved it so much it has now become a background on my phone. I loved this exhibit it was my absolute favorite part of the class. I even went a second  time since my tickets were good for a week!!




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