Event 4: Concert at Pier View Pub

22 11 2010

For my 4th event I went to see my friends band play at a bar in Oceanside. It was really interesting because this was his new band and I was not sure what to expect from him, plus I had no idea how the other bands would perform. I arrived early at Bub’s Whisky Dive in Oceanside, and sat down with a few friends. The bar which is pretty small was covered with peanut shells and peanut baskets all around (it really gave it that downhome rustic feel). I watched the first band perform and was not that impressed. I did not catch the name of this particular group but it was just a middle aged man playing drums, another middle aged man playing a bluesy-type guitar and then a projector behind them that was playing really old like 60’s and 70’s porn movies. There was also no vocals at all, it was actually an intersting concept but I just thought it was a bit distasteful to be playing porn at a bar. After this band finished their set, my friends band Dead on the Wire, performed. I was made a b-line to the front of the stage so I could get the best view of the performance. I really enjoyed watching this band they infused punk melodies with a more rock touch. It was like an upbeat grungy rock and roll and I just loved it! I danced around to most of the songs for a good half an hour, and was even more impressed when they covered a great Dead Boys song as they closed their set which was really awesome because I love them. After they played another band called The Embalmers played they were also really amazing, they called their sound zombie surf punk. It was really cool because not only was there a stand up bass, which I had never seen anyone play before but there was also a stand up drumset that was really cool. I was mesmerized by watching the drummer play standing up and only having the 3 parts of the drumset up. It was a really great show with all different types of music and I was lucky to be able to attend it. I had a blast and really enjoyed experiencing the music.




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