War Photographer

10 11 2010

The documentary War Photographer follows James Nachtwey, a very famous photographer through his journey taking pictures of the less fortunate. The way this film was made was that they attached a video camera onto the actual camera that James used to photograph his scenes. This made for a very interesting and realistic portrayal of the events he was taking pictures of. The film was extremely moving but at some points hard to watch because it focused on the devastation of war and poverty on many different countries in the world. The part that struck me the most was when James found a family who was living in between two railways on a cardboard box in the gravel. this is what they had called home because they were so poor that they could not afford to pay rent. The photos focused mostly on the father who had lost both his arm and leg when he was hit by a train seven years earlier. Instead of showing the gruesome and deformed parts of this man, the photos tended to capture the man’s spirit and heart. He was a family man who cared deeply about his children and was doing anything he could to support them. It was evident in the photos that the family had trusted James, and that was what gave him such great photos of this very sad situation. The documentary showed a man who wanted to expose the horrendous parts of war and the devastation that many of the political outlets did not want captured on film. He stated at the end of the movie that it was very difficult for him to wrestle with the reality that he was making a living off of the suffering of others. The only thing that made helped him to get through this was knowing that he was exposing the suffering of so many in order to hopefully change public and world policies that would help these people who were so desperately in need. I really think this is a documentary that everyone should see because it really puts things in perspective.




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