Shall We Dance? (English Version)

3 11 2010


In the movie “Shall we Dance?” Richard Gere discovers his life is missing something and that something is ballroom dancing. The film had really amazing dance scenes within it and there was a great deal of chemistry between Gere and Lopez during many of their dance scenes. I was surprised at how talented and graceful Gere was in this movie. I felt the movie had a great message and really interesting choreography but the plot was lacking. It seemed most of the movie focused on the dancing and how much freedom Gere felt once he started learning how to dance and realizing his talent, but the strange relationship between Gere and Lopez and also the relationship with Gere and his wife (played by Susan Sarandon) was also lacking. He explained he was happy in his marriage and that is why he didn’t want to explain to her that he was feeling unhappy and needed to find something to fill the void, but then why was it so secretive? I also didn’t particularly like the relationship between Lopez and Gere, I felt like there was a little more than friendship there and that his wife wasn’t made aware of it. I did enjoy the message and the dancing but the storyline really did not add up for me.



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