Billy Elliot

27 10 2010

In this film, Billy Elliot, is young boy who is taking boxing classes, and when a dance teacher takes up space in his boxing studio, he becomes mesmerized by ballet and in turn joins the dance group. Although Billy find much joy in taking these dance classes his brother and father are not to excited he is so interested in ballet. Instead they ban him from even going to the classes anymore. In spite of his fathers orders, Billy continues to take the dance classes in secret, and once his father actually sees the talent Billy possesses, he no longer judges him but encourages him. In the end Billy takes a trip to london to try out for a ballet school, and is very concerned about getting in, but he does and the whole town is so incredibly proud of him. This movie was really great and I think that the best part about the film was the way it was cast and how it challenged current gender roles in dance as well as in society. By having a gruff, very masculine young boy play Billy, it gave the film a way to connect dance to the regular man, and to break the stereotypes that usually accompany male ballet dancers. I also really loved the ending where Billy performed in Swan lake and how graceful and amazing he was. It was important to show how supportive his family had become by the end and taken away they were with his performance. This movie was a great delight and I really did enjoy it!




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