EVENT # 3: Concert: The Blues Denial at Choices in Recovery Fundraiser

19 10 2010

On Saturday October 2nd, 2010 I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of the Choices in Recovery Fundraiser. Since I am sociology major at CSUSM, I have been lucky enough to be able to work at an internship within the social services. For my internship, I have started to work at a residential drug treatment facility in Vista. For my first big project I was required to set up and help promote a fundraising event to bring more money to the program, since so many social services budget have been drastically cut lately. I arrived quite early and started with setting up the food and the prize tables. This was a very casual event where many people just came and went as they pleased. For most of the day we were entertained by Steve Bruggard’s jazz/blues band. Steve is the owner of choices and also the program director. It was really amazing to watch this band perform such great music, especially since me knowing that many of the members had been through recovery, and had really changed their whole lives. The music that was played was mostly very famous blues and jazz tunes that most everyone could relate too. The age range of this function was very diverse, as there were many children as well as tons of elderly people who attended. The turnout was amazing, as at least 300 people showed up in order to support the program and just to enjoy the concert and food. The best part of the day was when the band decided they needed some backup singers and the asked for a few women volunteers to step up and learn some background lyrics. A few women decided bravely to participate and it really made such a great dynamic between the performers and the audience. It seemed the women were a bit nervous but once the music started they seemed to become lost in the music just as the artists in the band and it flowed so naturally it almost seemed rehearsed. I really enjoyed myself at this function and it reminded me of how much I enjoy being around live music and how much jazz and blues music really evokes emotion out of the audience.




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