Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

13 10 2010

Maya Lin was an artist from Yale University that entered the contest for the making of the Vietnam Memorial. Her simple design and moving depiction of the names of the massive amounts of men and women that gave their lives in order to fight for our country created a huge stir. Not only because of the sheer simplicity of the memorial but also because of the artist herself. Maya Lin was a 20-year-old student at Yale, who was of asian descent and a woman was not the clear-cut choice for the winner. Throughout all of the controversy, Maya was the one who came out on top though. Not only did she create the Vietnam Memorial but has since created much other art work that has created a huge respect among the artist community. This movie was an interesting portrayal of the story behind the artwork but I wish that they would have given us more information about her as a person, because it would have created more interest in the film as a whole for me.



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