The Buena Vista Social Club

29 09 2010

The Buena Vista Social club was a really great film and not at all what I expected. I enjoyed the music that streamed throughout the movie but it was the personal stories of each of the musicians that really caught my attention. It was amazing to see these people who have been through such rough times within their Cuban country having so much faith and positive thoughts. The most meaningful part of the movie was when one of the older musicians was showing the camera man his home. It was modest but you could tell he was very prideful in what he had. He explained the idea of the Lazarus, and that he would give offerings to him every day, he even explained that his wife would sometimes bake meringues for him. He explained that if he were to put his value and his happiness in the material world he would have had nothing so instead he put his faith into God and Lazarus and he knew that there was something bigger and better after this life. He explained that if he was grateful for what he financially had he would not have had anything to be grateful for but that he was thankful for the things you cannot see, like family and health and those were what made him feel lucky. These gentlemen were such amazing musicians and yet were so humble about their talents. It seemed that their Cuban culture was not just a part of them but a part of their soul. I think that is what connected people to their music, was that it was driven by emotion not just by melody.



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