Stomp Live

23 09 2010

What an amazing show this was!!! I completely loved it. The fact that these 6 people could make such beautiful beats and music with such simple items combined with the creativity behind how they used these household goods and even the humor that was added really made this show quite remarkable. I couldn’t believe how physical each of the numbers was which each member of the group practically drenched in sweat and out of breath. I was quite amazed at the way the comedy was intertwined in such a subtle way within the show that it added a whole new dimension to the performance. My two favorite numbers that were performed were the ones with the plungers. The plunger performance was really intriguing, it seemed as though they needed to get just the right amount of water on the ground and the right amount of suction, in order to produce the sound they were looking for. It just seemed so detail orientated and was really amazing to hear. The second part that I love was the noise and the visuals of the lighter performance. Not only was it beautiful because of the constant fire from the lighters but it was also really musical as well. There were many times during these performances that I would just close my eyes and listen to the sounds being made and it was hard to picture the household instruments that were producing them. All in all this was my favorite movie we gave watched thus far. I hope Stomp comes to San Diego; I would love to see that show live!




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