16 09 2010


The movie that we watched this week was entitled Songcatcher, and to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. The story was a little slow for me, but the music really helped it along. It seemed there were so many little characters that I felt myself not even remembering a few of their names. The music that was presented was sung very beautifully and from the soul, which was really the point of the whole film, that the music and lyrics were not separate from each other and that these ”love” songs were an innate part of the mountain culture. The part of the movie I found quite interesting was that the movie included a gay story line, which I am sure was somewhat taboo about ten years ago. It was interesting that the film also addressed the idea of discrimination against the gay and lesbian population by the people of the mountains. The fact that these people felt like such a close group that did not want to share their traditions with outsiders but yet they so easily tried to force one of their own to leave the mountain was an interesting twist in the story. In the end I felt the importance placed on culture and the sharing of tradition was the core of the film, and although it was not as exciting a film as I would usually watch I felt it did get its point across.



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