Mi Familia

15 09 2010


After watching the film Mi familia I was struck with a few varying emotions. Although I enjoyed the story of an immigrants struggle I wasn’t able to place myself within the context of the film. The story was endearing and the relationships within the family made me wish that in some sense my extended family was closer and more involved within each other. Although my grandparents were immigrants to this country from France, I never experience the kind of language and personal struggles they encountered when entering this country. Not until my class this evening and our guest speaker was I able to see the universal concept of this film in my life. Although I may not be an immigrant to this country, I have suffered prejudice and judgment based on my religious beliefs. Growing up as a person of Jewish descent, I was always taught to be proud of who I was, but when my family made the move from Los Angeles, CA. (a highly Jewish area) to a smaller city in Vista, my parents wanted to protect me from the anti-Semitism they felt I may experience living in a place not familiar with Jewish people. I remember being in school and hiding my Jewish faith from other classmates and even one particular time when I actually confided in a friend of mine that I was Jewish and experiencing the sting of her anti-Semitic remarks that I chose to not repeat. I have since, as I have gotten older learned to continue that traditions that I hold dear to my heritage and culture as a Jew and stand tall and proud for my beliefs. This was a part of me that I felt, made me who I am and shaped me into the person I will be. Once I realized my connection to the film this way, the movie touched me in a very genuine way. The scene where Memo brings home his fiancé to meet his family and they shame and fear he feels at being “found out” as a Mexican and the cultural differences the two families have reminded me of my time trying to fit in here. The movie was a great way to tell a story about the importance of family, but also to show the importance of heritage and culture. Being able to look forward in life appreciating other ways of life and different cultural beliefs is extremely important in order to fight prejudice and judgment that we still see today.




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