Rabbit-proof fence

4 09 2010


The film Rabbit-Proof Fence was a complete eye opener for me. Not only did the film focus on the tragedy of the aborigines people but it also showed the damage that can be done when a culture is forced into oblivion. I found this movie to be both disturbing and enlightening. On one hand, I tend to pride myself on being a very well -educated individual and was shocked that I knew nothing of this type of cultural genocide that was happening up until very recently in Australia. I also was completely disturbed at the horrible view point that the privileged group had of the natives that were living there. It tends to be history that repeats itself in these situations all around the world. When there is a group that is in charge that is privileged and holds all the power it seems that they will do everything they can to change the cultural dynamic of the region to what they DEEM fit. In the movie this was completely evident in the lack of understanding or even trying to understand the culture of these individuals. On top of this film being an important history lesson for anyone one to have, it also was a moving story about the resiliency of the human spirit.  These girls wanted so badly to go back to a place that they felt comfortable that they walked through the desert for 9 weeks. I don’t know many people who will even walk in a day for 90 minutes. It is this type of heart that changes the world we live in and it is these types of people. Like the three girls in the movie, that will not sit down and let someone take away their foundation. A huge draw for me with this movie was also the fact that there was BARELY any dialogue yet I found myself continually crying up until the very end of the film. I think that just telling the story and exploiting the truth about the “stolen generation” is emotional enough to make the story meaningful. The film was put together beautifully and I enjoyed that the story wasn’t made too Hollywood because the way it was told really made the viewer think and reflect about the horrors that go on in society that no one knows about. All in all this movie was a really emotional and moving film that gave me yet another reason to always fight for the preservation of culture in modern day society.



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